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Do you have a strong desire to reclaim your health? Would you like to have more energy and to feel more comfortable in your body again? Has life’s demands caused you to put your own health on the back burner? We understand, because that’s how we were feeling about a year ago. We knew our priority had to be losing excess fat and being at our optimum weight.

As fate would have it, it was at this time that we were introduced to the Ideal Protein Protocol. This program was designed and developed by a medical doctor to help athletes lose fat but not muscle. Happily, we experienced great results right away. We both had a steady weight loss and felt great, which made it easier for us to stick with the plan. Along the way, our coach also laid the foundation for us to maintain our weight loss.

We both ended up losing 50+ lbs. and decided to offer the program to our patients and clients. Over 4000 lbs has been lost at our clinic in 2017!


The NEW and Updated IDEAL PROTEIN PROGRAM consists of 3 Phases:

Phase 1– Reducing

There is a personal and private weekly weigh-in, one on one, with a coach. The participant has one meal a day with animal protein food with vegetables that they buy from the local market and then the Ideal Protein food as snacks and other meal replacements. The dieter receives a daily video email as a teaching tool, that is both motivational and educational. There is also a Phone App that is offered for their own personal tracking. There is no required exercise during this phase. It is encouraged however to walk, swim or do yoga during the first 2 phases.

Phase 2 – Stabilization

Your coach introduces different food choices back into the diet and the client will continue weekly weigh-ins.

Phase 3– Maintenance

The LIFESTYLE phase gives the client information and tools about when and what to eat to keep the weight off. We encourage the client to come in and weigh once a month for at least a year, at no charge. At this time the client should begin the exercise plan of choice for their continued approach to maintaining the weight loss and increase energy and wellness.

Debi Kunisch, along with her role as a Massage Therapist, is the head IDEAL PROTEIN COACH. Debi was a Diet Center Counselor/Owner for 9 years in the eighties and has always found it very rewarding to help others reach their health goals. Debi (55 lb. loss) has a deep empathy and understanding for those involved in a weight loss program. Assisting Debi as an Ideal Protein Coach is Pam Kovar (42 lb. loss). You will receive plenty of help and encouragement from other Staff members who have been on the program, as well.

If you have questions and want to know if this plan is for you, your Consultation is Free. Call today for an appointment.


The initial SIGN UP FEE will get you started with your food and supplements and supplies for the first week. After the first week, there is a weekly fee for food or supplements as needed. The charges go down when you go to Phase 2. There is no charge for Phase 3 unless you choose to buy the IP food.

Well Wishes,

Debi and Dr. Kunisch